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How Can I Earn Money? – The Four Ways To Achieve An Income!

How Can I Earn Money? – The Four Ways To Achieve An Income!

”How Can I Earn Money” is a question which has haunted me for a while, after reading the book Cash flow of Robert Kiyosaki, I’ve learned there is only four method to achieve an income, but again, it can be very confusing.


Left side own 5% of the world wealth, while the right side own 95% of the world wealth

Here are the different methods:

  1. Employee
  2. Self-Employed
  3. Big Business Owner
  4. Investor




#1 Employee – You Have A Job

Construction worker. Paid by the hour

Most people are familiar with a job. When I was a child, the adults used to ask me:

What do you want to become when you grow up?

I always said I did not know because I had no clue. What I knew is that everyone was working, and I didn’t want to work. Working for money is what we are taught to do as we grow up. When we attend high school and college, we learn how to work for money.


There are three different types of the employee when it comes to salary:

  1. Uneducated. You work for the lowest pay you can get, and are the companies peasant. If you choose to stay, you will increase the wage each year in some percentage.
  2. Educated. As educated you will have a higher salary, but you do the same job as the none taught, but with a little higher pay. You as well will increase the wage by staying longer in the company.
  3. Leadership requires a few more years in school, and your role is to lead the workers and tell them to do their job. You will have approximately 75-100% more.

These employee methods are different but have the same category. You have a job and work for money. 95% of the population is stuck here, and that is because we are taught to do it.



#2 Self-Employed – You Own a Job

Most people who want to achieve their dream take this step. Self-employed is also at the left side of the cashflow quadrant and is a part of the 95% as explained earlier.

There’s been a misunderstanding when going this direction. Some people think they immediately become an entrepreneur when they start their own business. They just become a business owner.

I explained this in an earlier post in Business Owner VS Entrepreneur.


These are the types of people that become a self-employed:

  1. The Visionary
  2. The Professional
  3. Business owner
  4. The Blind Entrepreneur


A Visionary is a person with an idea which can change the world and revamp it. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg is an excellent example of visionaries.

Both Bill and Mark had good ideas which made them into two prominent entrepreneurs that provide massive wealth. Bill is the founder of Microsoft which is the software to run on computers and Mark is the founder of Facebook which is the first social media platform that went viral.


A professional is someone who is become specialized in one particular skill.

High skilled photographer

For example.

A high skilled photographer. Every company in the town chooses this particular photographer because of the knowledge, passion and the skills he delivers to the customer. Also called High Ticket Sales.



Gaming Tournament in a Convention

Gaming is another example of creating wealth. Using the tools to become a professional gamer and bringing high-value content can make enormous wealth. If you don’t believe me, check out this video by Disguised Toast on youtube: How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make?!.

The video link is about twitch.com which is a streaming platform.


I will make an own post about self-employed gamers in the future.



A business owner is someone who wants to start their business on their own. There are some reasons why.

  1. Starting a small company
  2. Internet marketing
  3. Turning hobby or passion into income


A restaurant is specified as a small business

Starting a small company isn’t easy. You need high capital, excellent service or product and be able to pay your workers. As a business owner, you must always be a step ahead when it comes to the law. If not, the government will make you pay if you haven’t followed the rules.

Starting a small company is one of the riskiest business there is because you have to deliver and earn revenue early to succeed compared to other companies.



Internet marketing is viral among people who want to start with their own. You can make your website and promote products which have an affiliate program.

‘This is called Affiliate Marketing. What you do is making business with someone else’s business. It is 100% legal, and for example, Amazon gives 6-8% commission. I’ve seen company offers up to 20% commission.

To succeed in this business you need to spend a lot, and I mean a lot of time building your website. You are attracting people with SEO and google keyword.

I started myself as an Affiliate marketer in summer 2018, and even I don’t have earned anything yet.

If you want to know more about Affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you to check out Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate marketing also allows you to turn your hobby or passion into income. If you are a hunter, you can write about skills, thickness and which rifle is the most efficient.  You to find an affiliate program which sells hunting equipment. A reader will trust an actual hunter with a real picture rather than someone else which has no clue in hunting.

The opportunity is endless! The most important is knowing your niche.



Comparison between MLM, Network Marketing and Pyramid-scheme

The Blind Entrepreneur is people who think they are working for a great company with a great product which will solve everything. They sign up, and pay a fee and doesn’t need to do anything more.


Called a Pyramid Scheme / Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing.

They are a blind entrepreneur because people who work with it, write on their homepage, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever that they are an Entrepreneur. Which they not are


The only one which is an entrepreneur is the founder of the company. All others are the peasants.

I explained this in Business Owner VS Entrepreneur.

If you can’t create wealth or have the money or people work for you, then you are not an entrepreneur, but a self-employed business owner.

You’re just living in a dream world, and you need to wake up!


Some people have succeeded in MLM or Network Marketing, but it is all about the timing. If someone introduces to Network Marketing, give it a shot and listen what they have to say. It might be for you after all, and you should not exclude it right away.

If you have never been into business, MLM is a great way to boost your knowledge within an industry. The skills within all industries are almost identical, and your upline will inform you what books to read. You will also learn how to talk to people. This skill isn’t just good in business, but overall in life.

Network Marketing and MLM is the same thing. A pyramid scheme is illegal.

Be very skeptical when you receive a presentation. You don’t know if its an MLM or pyramid until you have to pay.


#3 Big Business Owner – You Own a System

A Big Business Owner is a system were other people works for you. You are

the founder, the entrepreneur and the one who once had a vision. Big business owners are people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Benzos, and Elon Musk.

Tesla is founded by Elon Musk and is the world leading in EL-cars.



They have been self-employed earlier and went through heaven and hell to get where they are now. These are people who have sacrificed their free time to succeed in their business. They said no to a party to get where they are now.



PayPal is founded by Elon Musk but bought by eBay in 2002.

They didn’t listen to their friends and family when they said: ”Take it easy, you are working so hard, relax” No. These people are not your friends are there to bring you down to their level.


”Haters are the people who will broadcast your failures and whisper you success” – Will Smith


Your friends are the most dangerous people when you decide to start your own business. My advice is to let the world know that you’re going to build a business. Write it on Facebook and make a Youtube video. If you fail, then it means you are one step closer to success.  You need the correct mindset to succeed and become a Big Business Owner.


”Don’t Let the noise of other peoples opinion drown out your inner voice” – Steve Jobs


What does it take to become a Big Business Owner? Never accept defeat, don’t work for someone else. Start a business and give it your best. There are 24 hours a day. You sleep for 6 hours and work for 18 hours. Set big goals. The moment you reached your goal, set a bigger target.

Do you want to make 100 000 dollars a year? Then you must speak to someone who manages to create that income. Have you reached 100 000 dollars a year? Aim for 1 000 000 a year, what do you do? You ask someone who makes that.

#4 Investor – You Own A Investment

An investor is a system where money works for you. Some call it ”Passive income” which is not true. You cant own an investment ”possible”. That won’t make you wealthy at all; it will rather ruin you.

Warren Buffet is the wealthiest investor on this planet, and his first rule is: Never lose money. He is a man that can manage risk. Other people see risk as dangerous and possibility to lose money. An investors eye see opportunity.



The stocks immediately drooped by 12% after the announcement of Diablo Immortal

Here is an example from Activision Blizzard stock marked:

Blizzard hosted they annual BlizzCon 2-4 November 2018 and announced Diablo Immortal which is a mobile game in development.

Diablo Immortal became negatively received from the community. The stocks immediately dropped after the announcement. Now it’s down to 55$ per share.




Blizzard has a revenue of 30% while their collaborator Activision earn 37% and King 28% from the stocks.

Mobile games have been a massive success in Asia, so that will be the target market for this game.

Will we see more Blizzard games on mobile? Yes definitely, and I even think they will make their MMO into mobile.

The negative feedback might scare people by investing, but people with an entrepreneur mind see this as an opportunity.

When Blizzard launches their next game, stocks will go right back up.



I became an investor myself in autumn 2017. You can read more about my first investment here: The Bitcoin Bubble



The most important is to understand the cashflow quadrant, and it all depends on what your goal in life is. Most peoples goal is to get a job, buy a house and a car, get a family and retire. This is the poor people’s goal, and we are manipulated to think like this.

Our opportunity is endless, but people choose to work for someone else for a meager salary.

The rich become rich because they don’t quit. If they fail, you learn and go on.

I don’t work for anyone any longer because I’ve quit my job. I refuse to work for anyone else but myself. Life is too short to waste it to work for someone else, and the best investment we can do to be rich is to learn how the rich are getting rich.

In the future, people won’t be paid by the hour anymore, but by effort. The technology isn’t going anywhere, and it is replacing people, and those jobs are gone. It will just be more and more of it.

Why work with the cap, when we are paid by effort anyway? The earlier we understand this, the more we will be able to earn in the future.

If you want to be like Warren Buffet, then you need to study how he invests, what he spends and how you can be as high as him.


It’s just a choice, and you need to take that choice.