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Go Pro Eric Worre Book – My Review Of The 7 Steps To Become A Professional

Go Pro Eric Worre Book – My Review Of The 7 Steps To Become A Professional

Product: Go Pro – 7 steps to becoming a Network Marketing Professional

Price for the audiobook: $6.08

Price for paperback: $9.82

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com

My rating: 8.5 out of 10




In this summary review, I will give you an honest, insightful and my thought on The Go Pro – 7 steps to become a Network Marketing Professional, and how the book can help you and your business within Network Marketing. Whether you are just starting out or whether you have extensive experience in the network marketing, there is always going to be room to grow.

Before I get into my review, I want to summarize you what the Go Pro Eric Worre Book is and how it can help you, and who this man is.




Eric Worre – Who is this man?

Eric is known as the leader in the Network Marketing. He has been doing this for almost 30 years. I mentioned him in my post ”Is Multi-Level Marketing Scam?”.

Eric is retired for being a distributor, and he is now focusing on Network Marketing Pro and the lessons from his book; Go Pro – 7 Steps Becoming A Network Marketing Professional. To coach, others to succeed in MLM /network marketing business. 

Eric is a mentor on leadership and how to influence people within network marketing. You can use his strategies on any types of businesses.

Eric had a total of 18 jobs by age 23. For over 30 years ago, Eric did like most everyone that joins a network marketing, just going with it.

His first breakthrough was he attended one of the events, he saw colleges that dream of becoming a pro, but never make it because they never gave it their all into it. He decided he wasn’t going to let that happen to him, so he became severe deciding to become a professional.

Eric is now being hired for special occasions and events, to promote the MLM companies to teach marketers how to build their network like a professional.


Because of these steps, people have become highly successful within the network marketing business, and I have heard success stories that have motivated me to read the book as well.



Summary of the book



Chapter 1: Network Marketing isn’t Perfect, it’s just better


Example of a perfect career list:

  • Negative attribute; No boss, no commute, no alarm clock, no education, etc.
  • Positive Attribute; Great product, unlimited income, time freedom, personal growth, low startup cost, low risk, etc.


The five types of job, and the definition:

  • Blue collar: You have a job. Get paid hourly and don’t need to have any education.
  • White collar: A person who performs professional or administrative work. They show in an office or other organizational settings.
  • Sales: Activities related to goods or services sold in a given period.
  • Traditional business ownership: They start their own business. In other words, you own a job
  • Investor: To become an investor, you need money. The risk is higher than all the different categories. To succeed in this business, you need to be able to navigate through the chance and be patient.


Eric explains about the jobs which are available today, and because of low pay, fewer jobs compare to earlier. People will have to look for another way. He suggests more people will choose Network Marketing because it’s better than the traditional jobs.

But there is one phrase he mentions very often.

”Network Marketing isn’t perfect, but it’s better”.

Having this as a title and that he is pointing it out very often, is a good thing because Network marketing isn’t perfect and there are opportunities which are better than Network Marketing.

Another quote he mentions in the first Chapter is:

”You must accept a temporal loss of socialist steam from ignorant people for a while.”

In any form of business this is true, but especially in MLM / Network Marketing.


Chapter 2: If you’re going to be involved in Network marketing, decide to be a professional

In this chapter, he explains the different categories of people.

  • Posers: These are people who think they have been lucky, and can earn some quick money
  • Amateur: Focusing on luck, timing, positioning, shortcut,
  • Professionals: a person who is an expert and have the skills required to build a large and successful network marketing organization.

A lot of people who get involved to network marketing get too excited and don’t learn the particular skills to build a team.

He compares to a doctor. To become a doctor, it doesn’t matter how passionate you are; if you cannot weigh up with experience, nobody wants you to be their doctor. Same with network marketing, it doesn’t matter how passionate you are in the product, as long you don’t have the required skill to make them buy the product.

The moment Eric decided to go pro, and stop thinking about the shortcuts, timing, what he earns. But the skills he needs to develop to be a professional. When he started to grow, his network began to grow as well.


Chapter 3: Like any profession, you’ll need to learn some skills

Everyone starts with blank sheets. Everyone uses the same product. Everyone is working within the same compensation plan. The road to success is you! You can earn while you learn, and your success is dependent upon your education and implementation.

Down below are the seven essential skills that you need to master to succeed in network marketing.


Chapter 4: Skill #1 (Finding prospects)

Posers focus their business on a small number of people. People they think will join for sure, and when they don’t join their business ends because they are focused on being lucky

Amateurs make a list of 100 prospects, but they start with not a lot of skill and burn through their catalog with names. Then worry about running out of people.

Professionals view it as their job to find new people. They start with a written list, but they also use an ‘active candidate list.’

Make a list which will never end. Put every prospect you meet on your list.  By doing this, it will become easier to grow the list, so you don’t need to worry about running out of names.

Look at the list, think of the people they know. Add them to the list

Constantly expand your list. If you add two people to your list each day, that will be over 700 people each year.

Network on purpose


Chapter 5: Skill #2 (Inviting Prospects to understand your product or opportunity)

The gateway skill to network marketing.

Instead, to hunt people to convince them to buy the product. Be a coach or a teacher, and let them make a choice. If you can’t make your prospects to trust you, they won’t join or buy from you.

Professionals will invite their prospect to a presentation.


Eric formula:

Your ability to get a large group of people to do a few simple things over an extended period consistently.


The four rules to invite

  • Emotionally detach yourself from the outcome. Focus on educating, and help them understand, but not on the sale.
  • Be yourself.
  • Bring some passion and enthusiasm. Smile when you’re talking in the phone
  • Have a strong posture. Be bold, but yourself.


Eight steps to a professional invitation

This invitation formula is to be used on the phone or face to face. (not email nor texting)

  1. Be in a hurry – People will have more respect for you and your time.
  2. Compliment the prospect – Find something to compliment them, so it makes it hard to be negative
  3. Make the invitation – Direct approach, indirect approach, or super indirect approach.
  4. If I, would you? – If I send you a link to a website, would you watch it?
  5. Confirmation #1 – Get the time commitment. Ask when saw the website.
  6. Confirmation #2 – So if I call you at (the time they said), you will have seen it, right?
  7. Confirmation #3 – Schedule the exact time for the follow-up, and honor that time.
  8. Get off the phone – Don’t talk yourself out of the appointment.



Practice these steps; then you won’t have to rely on being ‘lucky.’


Chapter 6: Skill #3 (Presenting your product or opportunity to your prospects)

Being able to present is a skill that needs developing over time. The only way is to practice, improving each time, and you need to learn about the product or opportunity.

The four elements of your story:

  1. Your background story
  2. The things you didn’t like about your background
  3. How network marketing or company came to the rescue
  4. Your results or how you feel about your future


Chapter 7: Skill #4 (Following up with your prospects)

Follow these four steps when you’re going to following up:

  1. Do what you say you are going to do. Then you call when you say you will call.
  2. The only reason for have an exposure, is to set up the next exposure. Ask this, What did you like best? And ask their interest on a scale of 1-10.
  3. It takes an average of 4-6 exposures for a prospect to join, but it can take over 10. Be persistent, but patient.
  4. Condense the exposures into the shortest time frame possible for better results. Don’t drag out your following up.

Respond to questions and objections. If you act defensive, they will have doubt. If you’re offensive, you will chase them away. Help them to understand and to educate them.

You’re telling a personal story which can refer to them, and then you say ”But I found a way.”


Chapter 8: Skill #5 (Helping Your Prospects Become Customers or Distributors)

Keep the education as the primary goal, and remain emotionally detached from the outcome.

Promote that you are committed to this, and you will be there to help them. Be Always prepared with documents, and ask question after question and to a good consultant. (What did you like best?)The key to success here is a combination of having a good posture and asking the right questions. If your prospects see the emotions are controlling you, they will go away.


Four questions to use when closing for a prospective builder:

  1. Based upon what you have seen, how much approximately would you need to earn per month, to make this worth your time?
  2. How many hours could you commit each week to get that income?
  3. How many months are you willing to work those hours to get that type of income?
  4. If I could show you how to develop an income of (their answer to question #1) per month, working (their answer to question #2 ) hours per week, throughout (their answer to question #3) months, would you be ready to get started?


If their numbers are reasonable, and they say yes, then set up a plan for them to help them to achieve that goal.


Chapter 9: Skill #6 (Helping Your New Distributor Get Started Right)

Guide them along the way.

Five things to check before sending out your distributor

  1. Make sure your distributor has the appropriate products and ordering concept.
  2. Make sure your distributor has the proper tools.
  3. Make sure your new distributor is connected with where to find info and knows their website info.
  4. Make sure the distributor has a basic understanding of the compensation plan.
  5. Make sure they have a basic understanding of how to make their professional invitation.


Getting your distributor started with the proper tools is vital. Encourage them to get their first personal enrollment of their own so that they can experience their first check as quickly as possible.


Chapter 10: Skill #7 (Promoting Events)

If people in your network will occur at destination events, they will get more confidence. Seeing all the people just like you, who already realized their dreams, is a confidence builder. Spending time with people who think as we think is huge.

The more time you and your team go to events, the more successful your business will become. No matter what, make it a priority to go to an event. Be an event promoter for your team.

Events which is surrounded by thousands of other people help people see the big picture. It’s a robust environment that proves to help people get to the next level.


My Conclusion

The Go Pro is the timeline of Eric Worre and the reason why he is the network marketing professional.

He explains how our current jobs will disappear due to the technology, and we need to find another way to sustain a more secure income. Network marketing is the option he recommends, which is logical since he’s an expert in it.

In this book, he explains how to utilize psychology and influence people to your advantage. He tells which industries are the perfect career, which is no one of course. It’s not enough being ” on and off ”. You have to start; then you GO PRO as Eric explains.

I would recommend this book to everyone. If you are a nurse, in the military, I don’t care. Everyone should read it. Because there is so much psychology to use.

In the book, he tells you how to use it to your advantage. It’s manipulation but positively. If you work in an MLM company, then you should read this book.


He mentions phrases like:

  • What did you like the best?

Compare to:

  • What do you think?

We humans don’t think about this, but most of us ask in general: what do you think about it? We’ll answer:

I don’t know, not sure, maybe, etc.

If you ask: what did you like the best about it? Then you’re forcing their brain to think positive and find aspects you want.


You can use this method anywhere, and not just business!


You will have a more significant chance that you will succeed in this business by studying these seven steps. These skills are the BASIC you need to know and how to use to become successful.

Once you have mastered these seven skills, other people will see you as a professional in network marketing.

I’ve read this book over and over, but I haven’t mastered these skills. I’m not a network marketing professional.



Get the book here for just $9.82!


Eric is the owner of Network Marketing Pro

Website URL: networkmarketingpro.com/

Excellent book and highly recommended





    Daniel Posted on11:48 am - Oct 5, 2018

    Awesome review! Book is really cheap but it really gives a high value. It is hard today to get involved into internet marketing without proper guidance. I have a friend who bought Go Pro and I can say that Eric did a great job writing this book. Everyone who is starting or is in this niche should read it.

      Øystein Posted on2:10 pm - Oct 5, 2018

      Hey thanks, Daniel! It is definitely high value. Not too long, and just overall facts. I’m glad you liked my review

      Cheers 🙂