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Cashback World – Everyone love shopping!

Cashback World – Everyone love shopping!

Cashback World – Everyone love shopping!


Hello everyone and welcome to my website! Here on network-business.org, we focus on bringing the best tips for you who are growing your own business. This article is a little different, because who can build a business without customers?

I will give you an honest, insightful and hopefully the most reassuring thought of this platform and what the benefits you can earn from it.


This article’s topic: Cashback World (CBW)

CBW is powered by Lyoness, a company that is focusing on a free cashback card. You will save money on every purchase on a loyalty merchant. Purchasing products will reward you with Cashback and Shopping points.

This article will only contain content about CBW

I do not represent the company in any way, but if you’re going to shop. Why not save money at the same time?

My purpose is not to recruit anyone to the program, but I will give you the opportunity to save money.


If you heard about Lyoness before, then you have probably heard about myWorld, Lyconet and all the other companies in the system as well. This post is all about the CBW. CBW is a fantastic system, and the founder Hubert Freidl have done a great work expanding it.

When it comes to Lyconet, myWorld, etc. I will make an own article about it in the future.




The Cashback Card

When shopping at a merchant store, you will receive these two benefits:

Cashback – When buying at a store which is a partner (both offline & online), you can earn 1-5% cash back by using your Cashback Card

Shopping points – You collect shopping points which can be used to redeem to discounts that merchant offers. 1 SP can be redeemed approximately 6 euro


Customers that have been customers before 2018 will also receive 0.5% friendship bonus from every purchase whenever these you recommend purchase something from a merchant partner.

First time I used the card, I got a text message telling me I will receive x amount of cashback and x amount of SP. I became comfortable that it worked and will probably turn it off if it can cover 70-80% of my expenses.


Do you want a Cashback Card?

<<You can get it here>>


You won’t get a physical card, but an electronic one. If you want a physical card, you can visit a loyalty merchant, and get one for free.

You can also download the Cashback APP

You can download it from Google Pay for Android or App Store from apple

This picture to the left is a screenshot of the Cashback APP from by phone.




This picture to the right is a screenshot from my back office. Showing the benefits as a customer.

If we consider 1 SP worth 6 euros, by 134,69 SP will have a value of 853.64 euro which I can redeem in deals.





Loyalty Merchant

There are over 120.000 loyalty merchants!

There are merchant marketers who are educated to recruit new merchants. They get a presentation, and then they can choose if they want to be a loyalty partner. The goal is to have enough partners to cover 70-80% of our expenses.

If the company decided to join the program, then they can choose how much CB and SP they will give to the customers, and they will keep their existing loyalty program as well if they got one.


Will an extra benefit attract more customers? Of course, it will.

That’s the reason companies have their loyalty system for the first time, to attract customers and make them come back.


For each sale, the merchant needs to pay 10% conveys commission to the company.

Conveys will cover the following:

  1. 5% Cashback and Shopping point which will go to the customer
  2. 1% friendship bonus
  3. 1% to charity
  4. 3% will go to marketers and employees within the company

Once a new merchant partner has registered, the customer volume will rise. Every marketer in that area will start to shop there instead of their competitor.

The merchant partner doesn’t need to hunt for customers anymore, but the customers come to them.

Why? An owner of a company called Byggmax told his story, before and after he joined as a loyalty partner. His experience is he doesn’t need to look for customers because the customers come to him.


Hubert Freidl and his team have done remarkable work. This company started way back in 2003



Do you want to check if there is any loyalty merchant nearby you?

<<Make a free account and check it out!>>


Exponential Growth

Krakow, a city in Poland. In Krakow, there are over 560 loyalty partners who are a part of the loyalty program.

There are a total 47 countries that are a part of the program.







There are currently 19 countries that support eVouchers. I want to try it but haven’t found any product I need yet. In this case.

If a company offers evoucher or eVoucher, they are NOT a loyalty partner.

myWorld has bought x amount of vouchers and made a deal where if they get a discount of it, they will buy. Then they can offer CB and SP of the amount of refund they’ve gotten.





My conclusion and the future of CBW

Since Lyconet is Network Marketing, the reputation even for CBW has decreased which is very sad.

In Norway, the lottery authorities have stopped the program, but not CBW. No new merchant partner can become recruited at this point, but customers can still shop at existing loyalty merchants.

  • Would I recommend using the Cashback Card? Yes
  • Is it legit? Yes.
  • Do I use the CB card? Yes, but there is only one loyalty partner in by area which can cover by regular expenses. That is a gas station. Because of the CB and SP, the fuel becomes cheaper than anywhere else without CB and SP.
  • Can you make an income from it? No, but as a marketer, you might
  • I am myself a Lyconet Marketer, but I have no intention to recruit anyone to marketers. My focus is on the customers.




In 2019, the company will use cryptocurrency, called eCredit. eCredits will be available for all merchant partners AND others which is not a loyalty partner.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency; you can read more about it here.

eCredit will be the first cryptocurrency that has a market. The market price for one credit for the next five years will be 1 euro.

Here’s some more information about eCredit


CBW is just the beginning. It might look OK for now, but this company is growing!

The marketers don’t earn a lot now, but when we reach 2030, this will become a sensation.

More companies, chain stores, sports club and more will eventually join the loyalty program by 2030.


You might ask why?

33 936 new merchants and 40 156 new contracts have been registered so far in 2018, and this is just top 10 countries






Here you can read about Lyconet

Here you can learn about myWorld


If you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact me on oystein@network-business.org




    Strahinja Posted on10:19 pm - Oct 4, 2018

    I really enjoyed your website and your post about cashback world.

    I am not from US and I am really intersted if this kind of service is available in Europe and to be more specific in Eastern Europe. I am coming from a non EU country and would appreciate your advice on where to find simlair products.

    I also really like the concept of loyality merchant and happy that you have managed to get the most of it.


      Øystein Posted on10:51 pm - Oct 4, 2018

      It’s an Austrian company and includes another 46 countries in Europe. so I am very certain you can use it in your country.

    greg2112 Posted on10:23 pm - Oct 4, 2018

    Very interesting indeed. This seems to be kind of like Level Up but for stores that aren’t restaurants or food. I will check out Cash Back World. Thanks for this post.
    There seems to be a lot of stores involved,
    What are some of your favorite stores?
    Who gives the best cash back?
    Can we use this app for online shopping as well?


      Øystein Posted on10:48 pm - Oct 4, 2018

      My favorite store so far is my local gas station. I just get 2% cashback and 1.5SP per 100 euro. This deal make them more cheaper than competitors. My second favorite is a restaurant/bar in the city which offer 3% cashback and 4SP per 100 euro.

      I don’t know who gives the best cashback, but I have seen someone has offered up to 20% in December. They call it supercashback.

      Yeah, you can also use it for online shopping as well. There is approximately 13 000 online stores. Including Aliexpress, eBay UK etc.

      Let me know if you have more questions!

    Tiffany Domena Posted on11:43 pm - Oct 4, 2018

    Hi Oystein!

    I’ve seen quite a few loyalty programs, but I haven’t seen the business structure as network marketing.  Since it’s set up as a network marketing company, don’t you have a signup fee?  How does the compensation plan look?  You mentioned that you use the Lyoness program to pay for your gas and you get good discounts.  That’s interesting. Has the company said anything about pivoting since their expansion potential has been shut down in some areas?

    You brought up an interesting program. I’m interested to hear back and learn more. Thanks.

    Øystein Posted on2:05 pm - Oct 5, 2018

    Hi Tiffany!

    For a customer, there is no fee, but if you sign up as a Lyconet marketer then it’s a fee. It costs around 50 euro, but you receive 5SP for signing up.
    Customers can sign up others to become customers as well. Lyconet is the company which is building the network. As I have understood, myWorld (the concern) will continue as they have so far.
    I can send you the compensation plan if you’d like to.

    I am planning to write an article about Lyconet as well

    CravenATAT Posted on5:59 pm - Oct 6, 2018

    I have seen many companies offer a percentage back from purchasing items with a card, but Cashback World through Lyoness seems to have the best options for their program. Lyoness has a great platform that you recommended, as not only do you get a percentage of your cash back, but also a loyalty program for people you refer. This may seem small at first, but how you broke it down makes it seem that it can all add up. 

    Lastly, I love companies that donate a percentage of sales to charity. You noted that Lyoness does donate 1% to charity, which may break ground for other companies to do the same. Great post!

      Øystein Posted on9:45 pm - Oct 6, 2018

      I appreciate you liked it. Unfortunately, there’s a percentage of people that is against this program. There’s two charity it goes to, 0.5% to Greenfinity foundation and 0.5% to Child and family foundation

    free4life Posted on6:01 pm - Oct 6, 2018

    No matter which link I chose, it never appeared that I left the page I was on, I know that if you scroll down, there i the content, but it appears to the average user to never leave the initial first page.  The information is plentiful and the links seem to work properly. Maybe changing the theme would fix that. 

    Denis Posted on6:02 pm - Oct 6, 2018

    Hey Øystein,

    Great opportunity to save money here!  Being from Canada, I don’t think there are many stores involved around here, but the online opportunity is very attractive!  I will definitely check this out some more.  Can you tell me if there are big names (companies) in the 120,000 that are physically in Canada? 

      Øystein Posted on1:01 am - Oct 7, 2018

      Unfortunately, I don’t think there are so many merchant stores in Canada, yet. I actually don’t know any companies of the 120 000 which is in Canada :/

    Sylvia Posted on6:15 pm - Oct 6, 2018

    You have given a lot of information about Cash Back and how it works, never heard of Lyoness. I am  new to it and don’t know much about it, as well I am a bit cautious, but, I do see the huge potential of it in the future.

    This company is in Austria and operates in Europe, is there a possibility that it will come to North America, U.S.A. and Canada? 

      Øystein Posted on11:55 pm - Oct 6, 2018

      Hey, Sylvia. Yes. They have started to build a network in the US, but I’m not quite sure about Canada yet. I can check it if you find it relevant

    R.J. Posted on7:26 pm - Oct 6, 2018

    Hey Oystein, great post. I do indeed think you have a real diamond in the rough; something that people can really use. Cashback World is very interesting and I think its something that could benefit a lot of people. 

    How long have you been a part of Cashback World, a year, a month, a few weeks; this post clearly makes you in expert with Cashback World. 

    Saving money is always welcomed when you’re shopping because those little dimes and quarters really add up. Good job!

      Øystein Posted on11:52 pm - Oct 6, 2018

      I’ve been part of Cashback World for almost two years. I heavily focused my time into Lyconet which is the network marketing company which gathers new merchant partners and new marketers. Unfortunately, it went so far that people started ignoring me. Then I choose to quit

    Thomas Harvey Posted on11:13 pm - Oct 6, 2018

    Øystein. This is an interesting concept.  I am from the US and will be travelling in Europe from time to time.  My question would be, “Would it be worth my while to get a cashback card to use while travelling in Europe.Would I save enough money at enough merchants and then would I be able to appropriate my savings in dollars when I return to the US.The idea of growing customer bases without necessarily pushing promotions for that purpose sounds like a winner for all the merchants who participate.  My customers become their customers and their customers become my customer.  We all help each other.  That’s a good idea.I shall continue to follow this trend and see how it develops.  Thanks for sharing your information.

      Øystein Posted on12:30 pm - Oct 7, 2018

      That’s up to you. In most cases, you will save more at a merchant partner, than at another store which is not a partner. You wont save so much in US nor EU currency, but in Shopping point.

      The shopping points is the real benefit and where you save the most.

      For example, a restaurant offers 3% cashback and 5 SP per 100 dollars.
      You spent 50 dollars on the meal.
      This will reward you 1.5 cashback and 2.5 SP.
      One Shopping point has approximately 8 dollars in value which will have a total value of 20 dollars in this cenario.

      This is a saving of 45% of the purchase

      You can not exchange them into currency, but use them when the merchant partners offer SP deals.

      This looks ridiculous, but this is how it works 🙂

    Tiffany Domena Posted on10:04 pm - Oct 6, 2018

    I came back to see your reply on my previous post. I’d love a copy of that compensation plan.  It’s good they aren’t going to be shutting down the entire business.  More cheap gas for you! Haha. I wonder if they’re offering this in my area. Do you know if they’re in the US?  If so, are they throughout the US? Ive never heard of them before your post.

      Øystein Posted on12:23 am - Oct 7, 2018

      Hey, again Tiffany!
      I will send you a copy of the compensation plan. Haha, in Norway nothing is really cheap, to be honest. Hehe. They are not at the same level as Europe, yet. In time they will. There are Lyconet marketers there now and building a network to get in place the first merchant partners

    Brandon Posted on10:06 pm - Oct 6, 2018

    The Cashback World system seems like a great option for avid shoppers like my girlfriend! She is literally shopping every week and sometimes multiple times a week. Does this mean the more somebody spends the more you earn, correct?

    I’m a big fan when systems like these can catch my eye so it’s good to see that it is 100% legit and recommended by you. The eCredit cryptocurrency is the future of the online world so it’s good too see that Cashback World is jumping on this game and getting ahead before everyone else.

    Thanks for all this valuable information!

      Øystein Posted on12:59 am - Oct 7, 2018

      Yeah, this is almost true. In order to get the friendship bonus now, they need to become income justified within the program as a Lyconet marketer.

      Before 2018, every customer would get this friendship bonus and everyone which is registered before 2018 as a customer will still get the bonus. I wasn’t sure how to explain it in the article.

      I’m glad you like eCredit!

      If you have more questions, just ask me 🙂

    Kuu Posted on10:07 pm - Oct 6, 2018

    Hello Øystein, what an eye opening post into the cashback world. For me I have learnt a lot about cashback in this post and how to manage it than I did in my entire business course. However, one issue that is worrying my mind is, which one of them have a lot of benefits and it’s very cheap to afford? Thanks for the answer in advance. 

      Øystein Posted on12:52 am - Oct 7, 2018

      I’m glad you learned some about Cashback World 🙂
      Cashback World is aiming to cover 70-80% of the total household trade that you need to do during a month. For example. Clothes, fuel, phone bills, utility bill, traveling and so on.
      I can mention eBay UK, Aliexpress, Expedia etc. is partners of the program 🙂

    Theresa Posted on10:12 pm - Oct 6, 2018

    I’ve heard of loyalty programs that give a percentage back, mainly online, but what caught my attention here was the upcoming cryptocurrency. The thought of it entering a large network and interacting with customers in stores offline is intriguing. I don’t know a lot about cryptocurrency, but I have been trying to learn more and see where it will lead in the future. There may come a day that I need to understand it, and your mentioning it here in relation to a shopper’s saving program really shows that. I’m going to look further into this program. Thanks for the insight!

      Øystein Posted on12:43 am - Oct 7, 2018

      Cheers Theresa. I just replied a broad comment to Jim which is about cryptocurrency and eCredit. Take a look further down 🙂

    Jim Posted on10:13 pm - Oct 6, 2018

    Hi Oystein. Thank you for your very informative article. I must admit I’m having a few problems following all of what you discussed. However, this ‘Cash Back World’ and the company providing it ‘ Lyoness’, sound very interesting. I definitely would like to understand more about it. I was also fascinated by the fact that were introducing their own Cryptocurrency. It seems the way to go in this modern digital world. I was just wondering if you have actually become involved in the Cryptocurrency side of the business and if you could tell me a little bit more about it.  Jim

      Øystein Posted on12:40 am - Oct 7, 2018

      Hello Jim!

      I discovered cryptocurrency 1 year ago, so I had some former experience with it compare to the those I work with.

      When I heard this company was gonna launch their own cryptocurrency (Called eCredit), my mind was blown away.

      eCredit will have an own and unique mining. In order to mine, you gotta shop with a cashback partner. Both buyer and seller will then receive eCredit. Since all of the loyalty merchants will accept this currency, means eCredit will be the FIRST crypto to ever have a stable market. Even stores which are not a partner can accept this currency.

      We can’t mine this currency in an old-school way, but there is a way to earn eCredit before the launch of the beta test which will start spring 2019.

      The betatest will last for 5 years, and will be locked within the company until the currency has stabilized or when the company has reached a specified number of volumes of merchant partners. Then they will open up the currency for speculators and into the market Cap.

      1 eCredit will have a value of 1€ at launch and beta test. With a trading volume with an available market from day 1, I think eCredit will be one of the bigest or maybe the most succeed cryptocurrency

      If there is anything unclear, just contact me 🙂