I am Øystein, and welcome to my homepage!

On this website, we're going have a business trip. Understand how money works, building your own business and self-motivation. A system to success!

About Øystein

About Øystein

Hi everyone and welcome to my website. In my whole life I’ve been told that I have to go education, get a safe place to work and then retiree. No one told me there was a way to earn passive income. Why’s that?

Since I was a child, when my parents divorced. I got more and more disconnected from the reality, and pulled into the video- game world. I developed social anxiety which made me stuck in a bubble for a long period of time.

When I became an adult, and actual realize I had anxiety. It made me stronger, and I started to grow as a person



Since I can remember, I have always been shy of people. What I liked best was to sit in my room and play video games all day long. Until one day, I decided to become a sailor. After 7 years of study, I just needed 6 months of practice on a vessel. Since I diden’t get practice anywhere, I started to work at the local gas station.

I’ve always been interested in money, but never in business or any kind of investment. What I liked was to save money in the bank, and use loyalty programs, for example fuel.

A few months passed, and I was introduced to network marketing. The product was a free cashback card to save money on every purchase. I told to my self, it was either a big scam, or a very good product to invest my free time. I choose to keep in touch, and learn more. Time passed, and I gave up network marketing after 3 months. I felt weak, my closest had the impression that I tried to sell them something and I lost more and more contact with whom I had contact. I gave up.

Three months later I got a phone call if I wanted to go practice on the Norwegian cruise ship. I said yes, and started to fulfill my career as a navigator. I completed these six months and started searching for a job. Just two weeks later I got hired. During this year my contact from network marketing tried to contact me and giving me information from events. It was useful information, but I diden’t do anything about it. At January 2018 she told me we’re going to an event in Norway. I said OK, I’ll come. After that I started to study how successful people became successful and personal growth.

Now I work part-time as navigator and part-time network marketing. The goal is to become economically independent.


As long as we dont quit, we’ll win

To understand that we don’t need an actual job to be independent, is really hard. It requires a lot of personal development or you need to be at the rock bottom where I was. I want to help people that there is another way, make blind people see. I’m not God or anything, but the human race is too narrow-minded to believe something else.

It is possible to have six-figure income, because other people have done it before and still doing it today


My goal is to help people who is open for possibilities and move forward with the future. If we stand still, we’re not going to the future. We are going back in time!


All the best,