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On this website, we're gonna have a business trip. Understand how money works, building a own business and self-motivation. A system for succsess!

Ordinary income vs Passive income

People love money, and they love to spend it quicker than getting it. Why are we so sloppy on our money, when we can use it for future investment? On this post I’m gonna talk about why ordinary income vs passive income is so important to understand.       The understanding how money works

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Is Multi-level marketing scam?

  Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business model based on members selling a product, where the income get shared through the network. The idea is to reduce number of intermediaries which takes a portion of the income. In this case the company will be able to sell the product for a lower price with increased sales.

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About Øystein

Hi everyone and welcome to my website. In my whole life I’ve been told that I have to go education, get a safe place to work and then retiree. No one told me there was a way to earn passive income. Why’s that? Since I was a child, when my parents divorced. I got more

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